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Default Interior Work On Rose Is About Done

Cathie, you are gonna get me killed!!! You are about a day late or two with your suggestion that we put the yellow rose in the center of the white floor mats! What a terrific idea and how sharp that would look! I wish I had thought about it. I do not know if A1 Sports who did those roses, will be able to embroidery those roses into that floor mat. I am about half afraid to suggest this to Danny, but maybe he might be able to un-sew that plastic, slip the floor mats out and give it a try. I suspect that he will probably say the same thing I just did. "Why didnt I think about that!?" I think I will suggest it and see what he says.

Now, you just let the cat out of the bag about those seat belt covers! I was not going to say anything until I posted the pictures, probably later on today. Danny got one belt done before he ran out of plastic and white velcro. He should be back at it today if his supplies came in. Yes, Cathie offered to make the clear plastic covers for me, which was a great idea. However, Danny was at the point where he wanted to finish off the car so we can get on to the trunk. So I decided to have Danny do them. However, he got sidetracked for lack of material, and also had to concentrate on some other work that had to be out to the customer. So he had to put my seat belts aside for a few days. It was VERY much appreciated that Cathie offered to do them for me. I will post the pictures when he is done. This was a very good idea that Cathie had because the clear plastic covers the white seat belts from top to bottom, held in place by white velcro on the back side... BTW, I am still waiting for Shawn to get back to me regarding contacts in the Colorado area for dash pad repairs.

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