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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
It sure looks like it, Vern. To make sure, you are talking about the FIELD wire getting too hot, not the armature wire, right?

A shorted field winding will play hell with a regulator. Use a resistance check for your Field windings. Under full load, the FIELD should pull about an amp or two...

Just a thought; make sure you didn't ground your field wires inside the case, when you put it together. It's easy to pinch a wire, there isn't a lot of room...
Originally Posted by vernz View Post
I followed the guidance in this string of posts and got the generator in my 60 working today! It turned out to be worn insulation on the internal field wire just after the terminal. It was grounded out on the long generator bolt. I also had a bad voltage regulator. It is so nice to see the generator light off when she's running. Now to get all the lights working. Thanks for all the information on this post.
I'm glad to assist, but Marco gets the big applause for showing all those good pictures. Sure is nice to know what to expect before you jump in.

Vern, I'm sorry your regulator went out. I'm SURE your grounded Field wire was the cause. The field wire could use a 5-amp fuse mounted at the regulator. If the wire shorts, the fuse will protect and save your regulator (and about $50). Ever estimate how much you saved by finding the problem for yourself? A garage might tell you anything. Now, you know the real problem (in addition to the broken brush spring). - Dave
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