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Default Interior Work On Rose Is About Done

Over the weekend, Danny re-worked the elbow panels and continued working on the carpeting. The back sections are in and done, as is the front passenger side. He was working on the drivers front side when he had to stop to take his wife to the doctors. It is coming along. There are still some things that have to be fixed yet, like door panels that have to be completed, and some other things. But sometime in the next week or two, the interior work should be completed. We have been talking about what color heel pad to put in. It won't be seen because there will either be a carpeted floor mat there or a rubber one. We are discussing what color that should be. There is not much to choose from if I buy one from the vendors. Black, Blue, Red, Green, I think it is. I can have one made by Auto Custom Carpets in Alabama, but it would cost me $170 for a front set. I am thinking... With them, they will make it to the color I want it to be.

When he is finished with the interior then there are some other things that Danny is going to be doing in the trunk... If you need the link, here it is:

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