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Default Heat delete Tbird

Hey Frank,
This is what Ray found out: During a Search on the Forum, the ONLY references I have found regarding a Squarebird with a heater delete option is the one on eBay that was for sale, that we all talked about. That is the one that Frank bought, as I understand it.

The other reference was a comment by Alexander back in 2005. Here is what he said.
Then again I have seen a Squarebird with a heater delete which had a blanking plate on the firewall where ordinarily the fan and ducts would be installed. I doubt Ford sold more than a handful of Squarebirds with no heating system, yet there was a special blanking plate for it.

It would not surprise me if the Squarebird he saw is the one that Frank bought. As I recall, that Tbird came out of Alexander's area, I think.

So I do not know who else on the Forum might own one. The only way we will find out is if someone pipes up and says something!
I'm not done we will keep trying!!!
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