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Question Detent plate question

Ok, I put the new detent plate in according to the direction on the website (very helpful!!). I put everything back together and ran the gear selector through the gears and it went smoothly into each, Park was nice and tight with no slippage. Low (L) position seamed slightly off with the selectory having to really be put all the way down for it to be in that position and then it seam to be bairly in position (I never put it in that position anyway). I went to start the car and nothing. I had to give just the slightest bit of upward lift on the selector and then it started right up. Before I had to lift up a lot on gear shift to be able to start and it was very sloppy in park. Now it is very tight. I am wondering if it is ok to leave it as is (safe) and have this be a sort of an anti theft device in that you have to know to lift up slightly to start the car (most people would not know this). If there is an adjustment I need to do please let me know. Seams to be a big improvement though!
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