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Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
Yesterday, I went to see how Rose looks without a headliner, and seats. Pretty bare! The work has started. I took a bunch of pictures, and I think I will start a web page so ya'll can follow along with the work as it is being done. I plan on being there often and taking pictures. When I get the web page ready, I will give you the url.

One of the things that has NOT been found, so far, is the ROT/Build Sheet. These seat covers have been changed out before. They are not the original ones, but a cheap set that someone added years ago. We figure that the ROT Sheet was probably found in the past and perhaps discarded because no one knew the historical importance of it. However, there is still a chance that it will show up once the seat covers have been taken off. It could also be under the carpet, but that looks like it was replaced at least once before. It has the sound and heat deadening silver material under it. We will see what we find.

The one thing we DID find was on the inside top left side of the back seat back rest. Attached to a metal support was a black plastic like tag about 3 inches long and about an inch wide. On it was imprinted this. On the top row. 2 59 R8C - CHI On the bottom row. BAP6366700A which I figure to be the part number for the seat. That is the only seat we found a tag on so far. If there were others on the other seats they probably were taken off in a previous seat recovering.

You cannot read the pictures very well, but I was able to put them under a magnifying glass and record all the numbers correctly.
Pretty much the same story, and founds, that I did...

My main problem now, is that when they changed my interior, one upon a time, they placed it above the old, and worn foam, so when I now was planning to change the foam, it didnīt fit.
So next up is to save for a new upholstery, so I ca use my new foam.........
..."Lil darling Ruth"

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