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Default Trading Post Thread

This thread will run continually, as long as it is being used. I will NOT restart it every two weeks. You can list anything in the way of parts that you have to trade for. Other members can do the same in this thread. If you and another member have something you would like to trade for, you can contact each other through email or a PM. Obtain that persons email or telephone number and conduct the trade off the system. That way we will not tie up this thread or system resources.

Once the transaction is completed between the two of you, the persons involved can either delete their entries or if you cant, you can notify me by PM or email and I will.

Squarebirds will not be responsible for the transactions that occur between you. That is between you and your fellow member to settle any arrangements amicably between yourselves.

Post a list of parts that you have for trade. Not just a general statement that you have stuff to trade. When looking for things to trade for keep in mind that a lot of parts on big Fords from 1958 up to about 1965 will work on our Thunderbirds. A lot of the parts numbers are the same.Put everything you have to trade in one post, not a bunch of little posts. It will be less clutter that way. As you trade things, take time to edit your posts and delete those items off it. Here are a few things that you should post regarding your items you are offering for trade.

* Condition - worn out, good, new, unknown
* Tested? - like a radio, starter or generator
* Manufacturer - original, repro, 3rd party
* Part # - if possible
* What it came off of - The Year and model of your Squarebird, Bulletbird or Flairbird

If you have other criteria that should be indicated, let me know by sending me an email or a PM so I can add to this.

You can start posting NOW! If you like this, let your fellow members, administrators and moderators and me know. If it does not do well, or if problems come up, it will be discontinued.

Items on eBay and other items offered for Sale will continue to be posted as For Sale items inside the For Sale Forum, but out of this thread...

Ray Clark - Squarebirds Administrator
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