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Default Some Golde Top Questions... Answers...

In looking for some additional Golde Top information, I ran across this post here back in 2002.

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RE: Production Info
"If I may supply some additional information regarding the Sunroof cars. I have a 60 sunroof and the original build sheet (actually, I have both of them). My car is listed on the sheet as a Model: 63A and the Top Code: 5.
Mine is also a 3 speed (code 2) with overdrive. The build sheet has a spot in the lower left corner for "Remarks". Under that is reads: "OD TRANS".
I like this forum!!"

So there is proof that Ford was indicating a particular car scheduled for production was coded as a 5 in the Top Code (Top Code: 5) on the ROT/Build Sheet. I don't know why they were not using the 63B designator.

How many of you have ever seen this web page put up by Alexander some years ago? I do not think it is listed anywhere on the website...

or these! From Alexander..

Kevin sent me some more pictures of Scott's VW Golde top including a picture of the motor, which is identical to the one in Kevin's 1960 Thunderbird power Golde Top.

Here are some pictures of Scott's "sunroofghia" 1972 Volkwagen Ghia equipped with a power sunnroof from Golde. Note the aluminum rails on which the roof rides are similar if not identical to the ones on the 1960 Thunderbird Golde Top.

Compare it to the rails on a 1960 Thunderbird with factory sunroof:

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