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Talking Lucille's Last Problem Hopefully Fixed

The power steering pump leak that I found coming back from the paint shop may be fixed now. I replaced the lid seal and so far all is good. It does get a little hot,(power steering tank) but then again the dipstick does say "cold and HOT" for readings so maybe it is supose to be hot (never noticed before). Feel a little stupid on this one but all seams to be well. Lucille is up on the racks now for her tranny seal fix. The guy looked under and saw the wet pan and said "She's a leaker" Guess Lucille needs "Depends"?LOL! Anyway I looked underneith and all I can say is it looks like someone took a bag of flower and threw it into a fan that was pointing under the car!!! YIKES WHAT A MESS!!!!! Eight months of hard detailing down the tubes. Oh well, guess where I am going to be while the car is up on the racks. I will make sure to take a pic of it in this "before" state for all to laugh at!!! Let the work begin!
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