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Default Front end special tools and lube

I have my deluxe front end kit and shocks on order from Kanter and I've been perusing the shop manual to see what I'm in for. I've got a few questions:[ul][li]The manual lists a Ball Joint Removal Tool #T57P-3006-A as needed to take the ball joints out. Is this special tool really needed? If so, where do I get one? If not, how do I get the ball joints out without it?[/li][li]Will I need to have a machine shop press the control arm bushings in and out, or is there a means of doing that without a press? I seem to remember someone saying they had done so.[/li][li]For the stabilizer mounts and shock absorber mounts, it calls for RyGLYDE lubricant. What should I use there?[/li][li]The manual shows using a floor jack to release the spring pressure and to re-install it. It makes no mention of a spring compressor tool. Has anyone done it that way? Those coil springs are pretty intimidating to me.[/li][/ul]I might have more questions as I get into it, I'll let you know. :-P In the mean time, if anyone has any other pointers they learned along the way, please fill me in.
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