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Default Squarebird Line Production Information

I am still looking for anyone who has or has had a 1960 Tbird with a Schedule Date of 12W or 13W on their data plate. AND has a copy of their ROT sheet. Or has it recorded somewhere. It should also say W 12, W 13 or 12W, or 13W in the case of the ROT sheet. I want to be able to see what it has in the way of the date in the upper left corner.

Tonight, I came awful close! mercfreak has a 1960 Tbird Tbird, Registry 73 and I looked at it and the other cars listed under his name of Thomas Gunnari. He has his ROT sheet from his 1960 Tbird posted there! On it the date in the upper left corner reads 08 18. His Schedule Date is 31W! So here we have a car that was scheduled for production on the 31st of August, with a upper left date of 08 18 probably from when it was logged into the system. I wonder what the data plate tag says? Thomas, can you tell me that?

This is the closest I have come to finding a 60 Tbird scheduled for production in September, so far. His VIN # is 186610, 6,233 units away from the last car produced. They ran 10,416 Tbirds through the line in August.They built 2,457 Tbirds from 1-9 September when the line shut down. They built only 144 units on the 9th.

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