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Originally Posted by 1960Bird View Post
I have installed a new master cyl. brake lines, all the tubing, shoes and drums...the whole nine yards. I now understand that I was supposed to bleed the master cyl. before it is installed (bench bleeding).
I don't ever remember bleeding the master cyl. before, although it has been 40 years since I did my last brake job. Is this master cyl. bleeding just needed for a dual brake system or do I have to do this too and if so do I have to remove the master cyl.from the car Then how in the heck do I bleed it?

Thanks for your help.
The bench bleeding is to get the air out of the master cyl, seems like you could do it on the car, even though it's probably easier on the bench. I have a bench bleed kit that came with a master cynl I did. You just insert that into the master cyl's outlet and run a tube back into the resevoiur and carefully pump the master till you no longer see air in the tube.

I don't remember being told to do it in the past either, but now that is what is done. I assume it's so when you are bleeding the system, you are only worrying about the lines and you have verified you don't have any air in the master itself.

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