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thank you ray,
yes it is a lite blue/aqua paint job but if I read the date plate color code correctly it probably was black when it came from the factory.
It has power seats, power windows, power brakes and original black leather interior. No AC though, If I find one I might consider putting it in. It does have a original radio.
The engine is now a 352 FE, there was a 'wrong' engine in there at least that was what the seller told me, a newer engine from a different ford model and he delivered a 352 engine with this car that I have to overhaul and build in(it originally from the factory had a 352).
There is some work to be done with this car but I believe that a total restoration might not be necesarry. I can see that the suspension has been done and I will check the rest. In case of doubt I might still restore the whole car.
I will check and read the date plate and put that info on the tbird registry also.

The shop manual I have already, it came with the car on CD that is, I will order a original copy in print, as well as the original owners operation manual and a restoration guide (by william wonder?? correct?).
thanks again.

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