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Default hood release handle location and top/trunk operation

Hi Ron,

I looked at the information on your Tbird on the Registry. Is that a light blue paint job? It looks like it. Does it have a 352 or a 430 engine? Does it, by any chance, have AC? Just wondering. It looks nice!

Now here is some information on how you might get that deck/trunk open. I gather, from what you said, you have no battery in the car yet. If you put one in, you might get the trunk to open. But if I understand, you have not found the top/deck/trunk release on the instrument panel yet. According to the Tbird Restoration Guide 1958-1966 (you should buy that and the 1960 Shop Manual, at least) the top release is on the far right side of the steering column, under the Lighter and the Wiper knobs. You should see a triangular black piece with a T Handle marked Top on it. That is your rear deck/trunk release. To the left of that you should see a light under the Generator light. That light, when lit, tells you that your deck/trunk is ajar.. I am not sure all '60 convertibles had that light. I would have scanned that picture in on Page 72 of the Restoration manual, but my scanner is down. If anyone has that book and can scan it and post it here, it will show Ron exactly where that handle is. The explanation should do the trick though in finding it.

If you have not done so yet, do a search for "convertible trunk", "convertible trunk opening" or substitute deck for trunk, on this forum, you will find information on how to get the deck/trunk to manually release, by knocking out some similar tabs like those up front in the engine well to get to the hood releases. Go through this posts you see once you do that search and you should find helpful information there. Good luck with sorting things out.

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