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Default hood release handle location and top/trunk operation

Welcome to Squarebirds, Ron! Thanks for information about your new Tbird. The hood release handle, at least on my '59 is to the right of the brake release. You should see a small T handle. Pulling on that should release the hood. Unless the cable is broken or stuck. There are two round push out plugs inside the hood. One on the drives side and one on the passenger side. You can access them from under the wheel wheels. Once you knock out those plugs, you should be able to get a long screwdriver or rod into the car and push against the hood releases on both sides to open them. Here are some pictures of them. As for the trunk operation, one of the guys who owns a '60 convertible, like byersmtrco, can answer that one.

Here is a picture of the small T handled hood release right below the Oil light. Maybe the handle is missing from your car? If it is, try grabbing the shaft wrapped with something to protect the threads, with a pair of pliers, and try not to grab the threads, and pull on it. The reason why my hood release stopped working was because the little ball at the end of the cable which acts as the stop, broke off and I ended up with a loose cable. It was replaced with a manual choke cable and that did the trick. Your cable might be broken also.
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