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The hood release is just to the left below the steering column and below the instrument cluster. It may help if you have two other people hold down on the two corners of the hood towards the windshield and pull the handle. Other wise there are two rubber grommets in both front wheel wells behind the front tires. These will need to be pushed out, take a long screw drive and insert in these hole towards the firewall. If you can locate hood release there is a trip lever at the bottom push it back towards dash. Do the same on both sides.
As far as the trunk I think these are electric solenoids. Someone may be able to help on these.
Go up to the top of this page and hit search. Hit the show post box and type in convertible trunk opening. Look at previous threads and I'm sure you will find answer.
Keep me posted if or not you get hood open. And be patience remember she is almost fifty years old!

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