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Default RE: Sequential Tail Lights on a 1960 Thunderbird

I have just ordered the sequential tail light kit. Thanks Alexander for the wiring directions. I still have some questions (Iím not an electrician). Abowe you wrote itís not even need to cut or modify any of the original wiring, but in your directions it looks like you have cut the wires to the lamp sockets.

The on line instructions by WebElectric Products advise to cut the signal wire (the green one from socket) that goes to the middle lamp and then connect the white module wire to the wire that goes to the socket and cover the dangling wire with electrical tape. Wonít I loose the brake light on the middle lamp then? Isnít it necessary to cut the wire (the single black one from socket) to the inner lamp and connect red module wire there? Then I lose the back up light? I could have misunderstood something here.

I think have the standard lamp configuration, outer lamp (parking light, turn signal and brake light), middle lamp (brake light), and inner lamp (back up light). Help will be appreciated.

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