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I like thr 311 H.P. V-8 with the All Wheel Drive Premier Elite with model tons of toys! The 2008 out-does itself. Wool carpeting, with leather inserts in hard wear areas. If I only had $ 60.511.OO to drop on it ! That's the window sticker here in New York Area. Dealers are give off $3,000 from that price, but the added SALES TAX piles that $3,000 right back on. My NEAREST dealer is located in a very wealthy area, would think he sell a good number of them, right? Nope! He sold 10 last year, less than 1 a month !! Buyers are dumb. It's a conservative car with good looks not offensive to anyone laden with the MOST toys I have ever seen on a car, if if if you order them all. (As I always do). But, you see the neighbors would not know what it is. only than it's NOT a BMW or a Benz,'s a "cheap car" probably....

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