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Default It's where I live

It's not a city, like NYC or Pittsburg, but it's so-called suburbia, and like many we adjoin several other towns that are almost exact, therefore we are overloaded with commercial areas, shopping centers, and close to major routes overloaded with ton more retail, so you really do not have to travel for anything!
From December through late March I use the wife's Jeep Cherokee Limited 4X4 wagon. (2001 with 55,000 miles = absolute brochure flawless condition) and we share it, so the T.C. sleeps in the garage. thusly 11,000 miles. I really love the current Mustang GT convertible and it's a super car.
But, I MUST have the delay (and the length of delay adjustable) on any car, that I own. Once you get used to it - really, you would be surprised how much you would use it - and how much you would miss it, when you DO NOT have it. I cannot seem to warm up to the MK-S -- but I am going to take one out on an extended DEMO ride, soon. Not crazy 'bout the height of the thing, nor the styling, but I wanna see if it's better than a Town Car. I have my doubts.
My local Cadillac dealer sold a new 2009 STS to a buyer who put (as I do) every possible option on her. Then, he backed out of the deal. The car sits on the showroom floor, now, since October 11th. Window sticker I do believe is in the Eighties ! NO BUYER. Sad.
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