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Originally Posted by drclarkra View Post
I have a fairly heavy stiff wire and need to mount the solenoid up under the wing window where there is a lot going on.
If you use a long, flexible wire you can pretty well mount the solenoid where you like, and have the cable 'turn corners', as long as you fabricate a 'guide' where the cable turns, so that it pulls cleanly and doesn't bind

I made a remote trunk release opened by an electric solenoid out of a Nissan. I used a 1.9 metre heavy duty mountain bike cable and mounted the solenoid under the rear parcel shelf.

Mountain bike cable is very flexile, and as it has an outer sheath you run it how you like without binding, and no need to fabricate a guide or runner where it turns corners.

The Autoloc shaved door handle kit was an eight channel, which means there were six channels left to operate other stuff in addition the shaved door handles. I used one of these to open the trunk open.

Using a long cable will enable you to mount the solenoid in the most uncluttered, easily accessible part of your door.

Here are a few pics

The mountain bike cable

The modified trunk lock, I welded a bracket to the release lever to accept to end of the cable

The Nissan solenoid operated trunk release, with a bracket I welded to it to accept the other end of the cable

The cable runs inside the trunk lid, the solenoid will be mounted under the parcel tray.
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