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Default RE: engine transplant

I spoke to a friend who is an experienced mechanic who loves Squarebirds. He says the swap of a 429 into a Squarebird is feasible and not too difficult. The 429 is actually narrower than the 352 FE engines. You might be even able to use the motor mounts in the position they are in on the car. You will have some obstacles to overcome when doing this transplant. You cannot reuse the Cruise-o-matic transmission that came in the car. It will not bolt up to the 429, and even if you made an adapttor plate, that transmission is considered to be a weak link in the T-Bird drivetrain. You will need to use a C-6 transmission. These transmissions are common and parts are plentiful. You will need to cut and widen the transmission hump to get the transmission into the car. You will need to make an adaptor hose to connect the power steering pump of the 429 to the control valve of the power steering. You will also need to make an inlet with a radiator cap in the upper radiator hose, since the 429 cannot use the expansion tank that is found on the FE and the 430 engines. Without a radiator cap, you have no way of getting coolant into the engine and regulating the coolant pressure.

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