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Question Suggestion for New Forum-Opinions Needed

hi everyone

I would like to add a 4th Forum, "Technical Resources".

It would consist of primarily links to sites having TBird related techical information of a permanent nature.

I envision having a message at the start of it that would serve as the main repository and updated as people posted new information or reported the links dead.

I came to this idea as I know that embedded in the many posts here is a ton of information that is hard to find but very valuable, especially to newer members.

Examples might be: the TBird Registry, dealer options, wiring diagrams, wiper motor rebuilds, used part sources, services, Data Plate decoding, technical articles,FE Big Block forum.....organized in some sensible way.

I would be willing to keep it organized and updated. When someone posted a useful link or other source, I would edit Post #1 to include that information. If someone reported a resource dead or of poor quality, it would get deleted from the list.

Here's an example: the TBird Ranch has a chart showing all colors
of engine components, 58-60 at

How many people know of that??

Here is an oldie I have on how to measure bolt patterns:

Ficken vaccum wiper motor rebuild is at . There ought to be a corresponding one for people who want to go electric.

The Internet, and hence this site, should provide fast access to useful information. Maybe this would help.

What do you guys think??


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