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Default RE: Three Inch Drums

Hi guys,

As lazy mans swaps go, the disk brake spindle swap is super easy. The only snag I ran into changing to the T'Bird/Cougar disks wasn't the spindles at all, but the power brake booster I had didn't fit! Thanks to some great advice here, I'm now the owner of a Granada booster/master, and I'm home free. It's a no brainer to swap the spindles, however I will have to have the front end aligned, which it needed anyway.

I get 15-18 mpg with the 5.0 and AOD. I'm hoping to improve that since I elimated the catalyic converters from the H pipe. I'm running the Mustang dual exhaust, stainless steel, from the donor car complete with VERY quiet mufflers, and those too are headed for the scrap bin. I have had several Fox bodied Mustang 5.0 cars, and they all would get low 20's mpg. I am blaming the 'Birds extra weight for that too. Not that I really care what kind of milage it gets, but it's too quiet, and it might feel a little quicker.

I'm a big fan of the Edelbrock carb. I'm running a 750 cfm, elec. choke one on a built 455 in my '68 Pontiac Catlina convert, and a 650 in my Chris Craft runabout with a 327. Both ran GREAT right out of the box, look good, and have provided 3 seasons of instant starts and trouble free performance in both. They are less expensive than having a stock, 40 year old carb rebuilt. I've never had good luck rebuilding a carb, these seem to be idiot proof. The Catalina, by the way, with that heavily modified, big cammed, ported head 455 gets 26 mpg on the highway, and will flatten your eyeballs in their sockets! Wicked good fun!
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