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Well, I went and looked at the car in Sac over the weekend.

Here are my oberservations on it. Needs floor pans in the front and rear passenger side.

Made a strange sound/vibration under power in first and second gears, only way I can describe it as a fan hitting a shroud but a bit deeper in tone. Sound went away as soon as you dropped it into third gear. My thoughts there, hmm, issues in the transmission?

Needs headliner, has some rust starting in the rear drivers qtr panel and has some bondo there also, needs new carpet, door panels, all weather striping and seals, front grill is beat up, bumpers are straight but need chrome.

Guy said he was firm on 3,900, I plan to call him in a few days and offer him 2k for it.

I like the two door, and my son really liked it, but I don't think it's a 4k car.

Anyone near Salem OR? Found one there in a four door with a new clutch, water pump, interior, door seals, etc.
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