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Amen to that John ! I live in Upstate NY and my '59 HT sits in the garage or in $torage about 6 months each year. It is a show quality car, not perfect, but real nice and very original/correct. It's starting to bother me that I don't drive it enough. I've been going thru this routine for 18 years now. I've got to decide whether to drive it even in inclement weather or peddle it! As Sandy said, it's too much money just sitting in the garage. At least my wife's '02 comes out in the rain or cold, but not the "Raven". I just brought it home from storage this weekend and it wintered real well, but now it's sitting waiting for the salt to clear off the roads. I know, lots of folks would like to have such a dilemma...

I do have a 2 dr Comet project on the back burner that is not original that would be a blast to drive year-round.

Mike Lemmon
'59 Raven Black Hardtop
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