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If your speedometer is not working at all, most probably the cable is broken. You need to remove the cable housing from the transmission. It is held on there by one bolt.

The cable does not determine the speedometer reasing. It is simply a flexible cable with square ends. There are two gears in the transmission that compensate for the rear end gearing of the car so that the speedometer reading is correct.

The shop manual specifies that for the 3.10 ratio, whcih is the ratio that come in the automatic with a 352 engine, the driven gear has 8 teeth and the drive gear has 18 teeth. For the 3.70 ratio, the driven gear has 7 teeth and the drive gear has 19 teeth.

The driven gear is held on the by the retaining clip at the cable housing end, so this is easy to replace. I am not sure if the drive gear can be replaced from the outside.

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