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Default Alexander Pass away

I did not have the honor or the privilege of knowing Alexander on a personal basis. I first became aware of him as the person who re-created the improved copy of the detente plate which I bought and put in my '59. Then I became a member of Squarebirds and read many of his posts. He was always helping people, answering questions for us "newbies" and giving us advice on our Birds.

Then I learned of his battle with cancer. A battle that I am very familiar with. It has been 10 years this past January that I lost my beloved wife, Faye, to this deadly disease. In her case, it was ovarian cancer. Her passing led me to create a website in her memory. That website led me to become very involved in ovarian cancer education and awareness. I now sit as an active board member on two ovarian cancer organizations in San Antonio.

So when Alexander (and others) commented on what they were going through regarding chemo and other treatments, I had a very good idea of what they were experiencing. He put up a great fight. As one of you said, it is a terrible thing to lose such a wonderful and talented person.. He will be sorely missed by all of us, especially those who have known him for so long.

We will forever remember him in our memories as the great man he was. I re-dedicate the rest of my life in helping to stamp out this terrible disease that took the life of a great man, and a great woman, and so many more great ones out there we may never know about.

I have to stop. I cannot see what I am typing for the tears...

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