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Default Sadness, total Sadness

I am crying. I can hardly see to type this. I have known Alex for a long time. We met over on his L.O.D. board (Lincolns of Distinction) when we both had Mark8s. He has been to my house several times. He's agreat man. I had been calling him on his cell phone over the last 4 months or possibly longer. The last time I called (like 6 days ago) there was no answer. I did fear for the worst, after that & did not call again.
He had a very hard & stressful time speaking and that is why I didn't call again. As many of you know, I do not own, and have never owned, a T-Bird. Alex & I each started our own website to promote the cars we loved. I came on here to support this site, and Alex came on my board to support my site. That is how/why I got here.
This hits me very hard, as I too am currently battling Cancer, going for Chemo and the rest of it, and usually feel sick (85% of the time). I was diagnosed last October, but am doing okay - so far.
I had hope, alot of hope, that Alex would make it and win the battle. I truly believed that he would. Now, I fear for my own success.
If you read this, my thoughts, my prayers are with you, and so is my sadness. You had a truly remarkable & devoted man, and he loved you - Oh, so very very much. I will really really miss him.

Sanford "Sandy" Block

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