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Question "Rube Goldberg" PCV Setup???


My '63 TBird (390 4V) has (in my Chevy opinion) the most "Rube Goldberg" PCV setup that I have ever seen. And, according to the factory manual - it is completely stock and correct!

I do not know if the PCV of all 390s of that era are this way, but the TBird it is set up as follows: A short (4 in.) piece of 1/2 in. dia. hose connects the long leg of an 1/2 in. dia. 8 in. X 4 in. "J" pipe to the crakecase port at the rear of the engine. The other leg of the "J" pipe is connected to the PCV Valve by another (10 in.) piece of 1/2 in. hose. The other end of the PCV Valve is threaded into a inverted "Y" fitting which is bolted to the intake manifold. One of the "legs(?)" of the inverted "Y" is sealed/solid. The other leg is connected to the base of the carb bt yet another(~ 6 in.) piece of 1/2 in. hose. All-in-all it consists of three sections of 1/2 in. hose, six clamps, the "J" pipe, the inverted "Y" fitting, and the PCV Valve!

Don't get me wrong! I do NOT want to eliminate the PCV Valve! It just seems to me that it would just be more efficient and cleaner looking to run a 6-8 in. length of 1/2 in. dia. hose from the crankcase port to the PCV Valve and another 4-6 in. piece from the Valve to the base of the carb.

Am I missing something re the purpose and reason for all these other pieces of plumbing?


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