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Default TBird wall Quilt

My wife sells these special picture wall quilts and decided to offer custom car quilts.

10x12 size approx.(5x7 picture) wall quilt with monogram (up to 25 Letters) is $25.00
14x18 size approx.(8x10 picture) wall quilt or pillow $30.00 w/o Monogram
Monogram is $.10 cents per letter.
it's hard to see in the picture but there is a TBird emblem stitched into the quilt in the center of the picture (using what's called invisible thread included in the cost)

These quilts are of your car not mine.

you supply the picture or pictures. You even get to choose the colors of your quilt.

She also does Full, Twin, Queen & King Quilts.
So if you want to show off your Special car in a special way this is a good way to do it.
Quilts would be made up of several pictures of your choice, number of pictures depends on the size of your quilts.

just send me an email or private message for more information.
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