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$25,000 in my opinion.

IF I owned it and was offered $25,000 - I would NOT sell it.
But - as Alexander knows, I also would never ever use it.

I have a 1986 collector car - bought new - with 866 miles on it, as well as another that's a 1990 with 2,350 miles on it.

So, to my thought process, $ 25,000 is ALOT to tie up, permanently, inside the garage, unless one is very "well-to-do" and does not worry about such pocket change as $25,000. I saw a guy drop $21,000 at Atlantic City Casino, and walk away like he had lost his toothpick!
Then again, he'd probably tell both of us that we are both crazy.
E'one's got their own schtick.

Just remember, everytime you use it (should you buy it) it's "life" ((worth)) is at severe risk, as there's a Kia somewhere in Canada that's gonna run a red light!

It does make for some ellegant garage furniture, however.

GO FOR IT, Life is short.
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