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Default DSO - what does it mean?

I have found documentation from Ford that DSO stands for District Sales Office - where the car is delivered. Ford has used this abbreviation even in the 1950's. Special order cars such as the Stainless Steel 1960 thunderbirds and the Ryder Truck colored 1960 Thunderbird have DSO stamped into the data plate. This car was directly delivered to Ryder Truck - not a usual district sales office. Some have suggested that this stands for Domestic Special Order. It seems implausible that that Ford would use the same acronym for two very meanings. Does anyone have documentation that Ford used this abbreviation to mean Domestic Special Order?
data plate from the Ryder truck yellow paint 1960 Thunderbird courtesy of Scott Wright

1959 Hardtop
1960 Golde Top
1959 Hard Top
1960 Golde Top
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