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Default RE: '58 air conditioning question

unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on me at the show. I usually do.

The underhood setup looked identical to other squarebird AC setups I've seen with the compressor, air plenum, etc. correctly installed.

The bezel that I saw on the dash housed the radio perfectly and had those 3 round vents right above the radio dial (about 3" up). The bezel was shaped to fit in between the 2 padded dash "pods". it had slightly curved sides and wrapped up on to the top of the dash where the knobs stuck almost straight up.

Like I said, it was the darndest thing. It looked like it came that way.

Perhaps someone retrofitted a Frigidaire system to it way back when, but if they did, they did one heckuva job!
That's what threw me, it didn't match what I know it should look like, but it fit perfectly and looked like it was orginal to the car.

The padded dash was older and the side vents in it had little trim rings and everything.

The round vents were finished in chrome and looked like they matched the instrument housings (there were 3 just like the instrument cluster in miniature).

Man I wish I had a picture of it. It really did look neat.
Maybe I can track down the guy and get a couple of pics of it for everyone to see - I think he's a local person.

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