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I had a close call with my Golde Top resulting in an engine compartment fire when I first bought it years ago. Luckily, it happened in my presence and I was able to extinguish the fire before any serious damage resulted.

I had remove the horns in order to clean them. I then reinstalled them. A few minutes later, I saw smoke and fire in the engine compartment. It was near the horns and I realized it was electrical. I disconnected the battery and doused the fire with water.

There is very little clearance between the horns on a 1960 and a large bundle of wires that runs right beside them. When I reinstalled the horns, one them was compressing the wiring.

I had to rebuild that section of cable. It was a long job as there are many wires in that cable.

I think I posted this years ago on the newslist, but it bears repeating. The wiring next to horns on a 1960 should be checked periodically. The horns can rub through there. Some of those wires always have current, so a short can occur even when the car is off.

Kevin is right. It is a good idea to disconnect the battery when you park your car. You have nothing to lose. There is no computer to lose its setting, plus it is small theft deterrent.
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