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Cool Lost Golde

Kev, I couldn't even try to understand what your emotions are with this loss of your Golde. Only to say, that as a member it is a sad day to lose such a rare bird. It is hoped that through search , insurance and yet another project, you are able to once again, find the bird of your choice. If I can help out here in Canada please don't hesitate to text me. Sorry for your loss of such a great vehicle.

Dano Calgary,Alberta Canada

Originally Posted by Rockin Kev View Post
Hi Gang,
I have some sad news, last month a lose wire or another term used here in England is a HOT WIRE claimed my J code Golde.
I parked my BABY away in the garage at about midday to only return to my garage about eight hours later when i was informed of my loss by a neighbour.

The sight of my once prized car has left me devistated with a car beyond repair.

To lose a low mile low ownership car is sad but a J code Sunroof that had all the options and more! left a grown man in tears as this car was on the button.

So the moral here is make sure you disconnect your cars battery when you have finished with driving, do not let happen to you what has happen to me.

Thunderbirds of England
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