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Default Starter Removal - 60 HT with 430

I need emergency help !!!

I have a 60 HT with the 430 engine.

I have read the threads on starter removal, but still can't get the starter out. I have loosened the motor mounts and jacked the engine up as far up as it will go. The starter will go forward, but gets wedged in between the engine block and the cross member. There is still about 1/2 inch of the starter drive in the bell housing.

I have also tried to rotate the starter downward, but the cross member is in the way, so that doesn't work either.

Is there anyone out there who have removed a starter "specifically" from a 1960 with a 430 engine???

My health is not good, and I can't leave my wife with this mess.

I am also willing to call anyone in the USA that might help.

Thank You
Bart Como
1960 Hard Top/430
Thunderbird Registry Number 1231
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