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A car runs at the best efficiency when it reaches its optimum operating temperature. In a a carbureted or fuel injected car, the engine runs rich while the engine is cold. If the engine doesn't reach operating temperature, the the fuel mixure will be remain too rich, wasting extra fuel.

That being said, I have never seen a Squarebird have a problem of not warming up fast enough. The main problem is keeping them cool, especially on a hot summer day in traffic.

The shop manual recommends a 160 degree or 180 degree thermostat. I myself run a 160 degree thermostat, because I feel uncomfortable with the thought of the coolant not circulating early. Admitting, this thermostat is more for my piece of mind than for the car. I have measured the operating temperature of the coolant of these cars and it varies from 180 degrees on a cold day to 210 degrees o a hot day. If it gets to 220 degrees my '59 starts to vapor lock with the modern gasolines they have introduced in the last 5 or 6 years.

Do not try to run the car without a thermostat. The water pump cannot do optimal work if there is not the restriction of the thermostat. The only Squarebirds I have seen overheat are the ones without thermostats.

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