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IMPORTANT: You need at least a DUAL DIAPHRAGM 8" booster for power disk brakes. Here is a picture and a link.

Notice, the 'step' on the RH side is for one of the diaphragms. A dual-diaphragm booster nearly doubles the boost of a single diaphragm booster.
Do not get a single & dual diaphragm booster confused. They are a lot different. This booster's major diameter (10") is the same as the OEM Squarebird boosters from 1960 but it delivers a whole lot more boost.

I'm using these in two heavy Fordoor cars and I love them both.

booalou, YES! If your Squarebird came with a booster under the hood you can cut the rivets off and mount this new booster to it. Many of our conversions used the existing firewall bracket.
All hardware from the OEM bracket to the pedal remains stock. - Dave
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