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Default WIN 10 1709 Upgrade Possible Problems

Right before Christmas, I received a Windows Update on my laptop stating that I needed to upgrade to WIN 10, Version 1709, that my current version was updated. It, apparently, does not give you any choice in the matter, because I also got a statement from Microsoft stating that I had to upgrade because Microsoft could not download new Security Updates without doing this upgrade.. Soooo, I went through the upgrade procedure of downloading and installing the new 1709 version... I thought... Part way through the installation a statement came up and said it was not able to continue due to finding Trend Micro Internet Security on my computer. I have not used that AV software for years and thought it had been uninstalled. So I checked Control Panel and found a link to it still there, and uninstalled it.

Then I went back and tried to install the 1709 version download again and got the same response. So I called Microsucks and spent much of the afternoon and evening talking with them, as they tried to fix my problem.. To NO avail... They made many attempts to do so, but everything they tried failed. Since it was coming up on Christmas, I told them we would have to stop until after Christmas. I still had the previous Version, 1607 I think it is, working fine. They said they were elevating this case to their Level 2 Techs because they were going to have to work on this problem. Today, I received a call back from a Level 2 Tech who told me that the problem is not on my end, but in their Win 10 Version 1709 update. They said they are receiving many complaints across the world regarding this and that they would have to fix that update and get back with me and everyone else who has an open case. So for the time being, we are to sit tight and let them fix their update that someone screwed up, apparently.

So if you have also experienced this problem when updating to Win 10 V 1709, and you got a similar message about their update finding a problem with a file on your PC, just hold off and let them do their thing. I will let you know when they get back with me, and IF they can fix their problem...

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