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Yes, i did replace the springs with new springs from Carl. The springs which where on there where non original springs which i thought where the reason for the harsh ride. But even after changing the springs, the ride was still not what i expected. Even then i could hardly move the rear up and down by hand. When the suspension is at full stroke, the clappers are fully open and with the suspension against the bumpers, the clappers will be fully closed.
This reminds me that i have to change the exhaust system, since the axle is hitting the exhaust pipe before even reaching the stops.. And thinking about this, this is probably what is causing the metal to metal noise after going over a traffic bump and not the contact of one or both clapper halfs. Already thought it was strange that i didnt see any paint damage on the clappers due to contact.
Regarding the axle roll, that will (must) continue to happen, since there is a difference in lenght of the upper and lower control arms.
The only reason i think the clappers are there is to reduce the change of wheel hop by reducing the axle roll with the rubber pucks. (my thoughts, but i can be wrong). Probably with soft rubber pucks you can still get a soft ride while reducing the axle roll, but you will put more strain to the upper and lower control arms, were the upper arm is the weaker part .
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