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Hi Dave, yes i forgot to reply back on this. The clappers are empty now on my Bird. The suspension is now nicely soft, as i wanted it. I drove the Bird several times and a few hundred miles city and highway and im quite satisfied with it. For some strange reason the clappers are now more closed without the bolts then they where before with the bolts. I have no explanation for this. The only downside is that when i go over a traffic bump and the rear comes down, the clapper will close completely and a metal to metal noise is the result. I did glue the old hockey pucks in the clappers, but already lost one. Will have to find some other piece of rubber to put in there. But normally i go slowly over a bump, so wont hear a thing.
Previously i almost couldnt push the rear of the car down, while now it is realy free to move. I didnt encounter any wheel hop or other ill side effect of this modification. Im not a racer and most of the time im just cruising around, but once in a while i put the "pedal on the metal" and all behaves well.
The Bird is at the moment out of service with a leaking radiator,
a starter motor rebuild and a transmission service, but waiting for the parts to come in. The radiator i just got back with a new 4 row core.
Cant wait to have it driving again.
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