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Originally Posted by OX1 View Post
...My daily driver tires on my stang are a 295/40R18 NT05 road course tire (same style/size rim) and they were even worse to mount. I honestly don't think I could get them back off off with out cutting the bead off...
Huh??? Ford mounts five tires in less than one minute to match line speed.

That really means, the correct tire is matched with the correct wheel, the tire rotation direction is correct for each side of the car (V, Z and W rated tires are directional), the stem is inserted, tire is mounted, inflated and the whole assembly is balanced. Then, all five tires are placed on a conveyor in the correct order so the right tire is delivered to the correct assembler on each side of the assembly line. BTW, the trunk's spare is rotated between assemblers.

This is repeated every day (800 cars times five tires equals) 4,000 times. That's right, each assembly plant goes through 4,000 tires, wheels and valve stems per day. How many does your tire store go through in a month?

Ford doesn't have time for guys with crowbars to mount tires. Tire mounting is done behind a safety screen with NO human intervention. The rim or the tire never rotate, the rim is 'face up' and there is never a blemish left on the tire or rim.

The assembler on each side of the line works while the line is moving. He loads his air wrench with lug nuts, rolls a tire onto the spindle and hangs it on five studs then offers the wrench to the studs. The spindle orientations are random so the torque wrench must rotate before aligning with the studs. In one minute, the spare is in the trunk and all four feet have correct shoes, all laced properly.

Did you ever figure how much each tire costs to assemble and mount? Let's put this in perspective. Go to your tire store and offer them two dollars per tire to insert a new stem, mount, balance, inflate and install new tires on your car. Believe me, when you buy a new car you get a fantastic deal. - Dave
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