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Default alternator wiring help

I'm installing my new alternator and am unsure about the wiring connections. I'm not sure how to describe the old setup. The four wires all come together at one connecting unit that has two screw on terminal connectors, one on either end, that appear to connect to the battery and ground terminals. The central component of that same unit is the female end of a plug that slides over two flat terminals on the old alternator, presumably the field and stator terminals. The new alternator has four separate terminals that connect with screw on wire connectors. First question is, unless I'm wrong, I'll have to cut the four wires off the old connecting unit and attach four new individual wire connectors that screw onto the terminals on the new alternator. Second question is about the wire colors. From what I've read, black/red wire is to ground, black wire is to battery, white/brown is to field and white is to stator. Is this correct?
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