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Default Transmission fluid change

So since i had no idea when the transmission fluid was changed before, i decided to do it now.
I had ordered a new filter and pan gasket a while ago.
On the dipstick the fluid had a light red/brown color, but while draining the pan, the fluid looked quite dark.
In the pan is a small magnet, which has quite some very fine metal on it (more like metal dust mixed with fluid). There are also some glinsters in the fluid under in the pan. And a thin layer of a dark mudlike substance. The last i presume to be worn friction material. The transmission internals look very clean.
I was checking how to adjust the front band, but the manual mentions a special tool. Can the adjustment be done without special tool?
To my surprise the new filter has the filter screen on the top side, where it connects to the pump inlets, while the old one has the screen on the lower side. Can it be used like this?
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