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I need more information, Eddy. Do you have power brakes with a firewall bracket? If not, this kit does not include a firewall bracket and the booster will hit your steering column.

Is this booster a two-stage 8" booster? If not, that's what you need.

Many of the parts may be purchased locally because...
The calipers are Chevy S-10 loaded calipers.
The 11" rotor should be from a Mustang.
You don't need bearings, seals or dust caps if yours are good because stock Squarebird's fit the Mustang rotor.
The dual-reservoir M/C is a Corvette-type
I see banjo bolts but no copper washers.
Cadillac hoses fit your car nicely.
You will need to re-plumb your brake system. I see no 3/16" brake line or IFF nuts (you need 3/8" and 7/16" for 3/15" brake line).

Let's start here because there are more questions and I want you to buy something you can actually use. - Dave
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