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Figured I should post what I have found so far regarding the 64 not moving. It was strange that the front and rear wheels would turn freely when I jacked them up with the car not running and in neutral. Brakes also seemed to work normally when applied and released. With the backend still up and the engine now running, the rear wheels would sometimes turn in forward or reverse. With the rear back on the ground and the car would not move forward or back in drive or reverse. My buddy was in the car and mentioned the brake pedal seemed hard to push down. We pulled the vacuum line to the booster and guess what... the brakes were on and they released! I guess it makes sense that it could happen but I have never run into it before. I have had bad boosters but the just made a harder to push pedal but never locked the brakes. Now the transmission was suspect because of some leaks and I don't know its history. One thing I learned on this cruise-o-matic is that even though the dipstick shows OVER full with the car not running, once running it might be a few quarts low! Surprising how much drains back when turned off. Anyhow, any advice on what fits for a dual MC and booster would be appreciated. I will stick with drums all around from but might go discs up front in a year or so once I decide how much to put into this old bird.
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