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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
...We actually have two circuits, one supplied by the battery and the other supplied by the generator...
Originally Posted by TimmyT1960 View Post
...I find it odd that Ford put that small external ground wire from the generator to the regulator mounting tab, seems redundant but I'm sure the engineers had a good reason for putting it there...
What happens if the voltage regulator loses (or partially loses) ground?

Again, we have two power supplies going on. The battery (and it's ground) is one. The generator (and it's ground) is the second. Remember, it takes two wires to complete a path.

A bad or loose Voltage Regulator ground will never energize the cutout relay so the generator will never connect with the battery. Remember those resistors? They need ground or the regulator simply won't work. Since the generator is the power supply for the voltage regulator, it only makes sense to use a ground wire from the generator because it is in close proximity.

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BTW Tim, how important is that #57 GEN lamp? - Dave
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