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Well, alright! Glad you found the bad connection. Dad bought land in Middletown, Ohio so I nearly grew up there. Glad to help out, y'all from Ohia.

Mechanical regulators look bullet proof but all it takes for them to stop working is one skinny little wire that's disconnected or one of those resistors in the back that is broken. Think about it, this invention is brilliant and done with NO solid state. It automatically disconnects your battery from the charging system as soon as the generator stops.

My thanks go out to you, Timmy. You persevered and used sound troubleshooting techniques to find the fault. You were right to troubleshoot the cutout relay. Many others would have quit. You won this day, for sure.

I don't have much faith in aftermarket parts until I check them out for myself. I have a 'mom and pop' auto parts store I go to. They ordered a regulator that I waited two days for. After paying fifty bucks, right there on the counter, I pulled out a screwdriver and removed the cover. Sure enough, the contacts didn't mate AT ALL. I showed the salesguy and he got beet red. He said, ' ..want me to order another one?' I said, 'Hell no, this is pure junk.' He totally understood and promptly refunded my money. Lesson learned: These parts are rarely tried out before they ship.

BTW, what's wrong with the other voltage regulators? - Dave
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