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Default 59 looking for wheels and tires

So i just realized that i have 3 15 inch rims and 1 14 inch rim. I was going to go buy tires and somehow it took me 4 months to realize that i dont even have a set of rims that match. size wise.

I have been looking on craigslist and we all know the issue of the modern cars being wider and having a high positive offset. The t bird has a zero offset.

Anyone happen to know any oem takeoff wheels that will fit. I know the lug patter is 5x4.5 or 5x114.3mm but i am having such a hard time with the offset.

I have seen people say you can run up to 18 or 20 inch rims.... not that im trying to get 20s. i just need a set so i can drive the thing around.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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