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Default 1961 Thunderbird rust!!

I have question that I think I know the answer to but I feel like I need to ask anyway. I was looking at a 61 T-Bird that needs some body work, interior is in great shape, has a fuel leak ( told it's the tank / lines ) car is complete but what worries me is. When I was looking underneath looks like it's rusted pretty good not the floors but the frame ( unibody) underneath the drives door / floor.
I couldn't get a good look the car is sitting really low on the rear end.
Is this something that's going to end up being an issue, simple fix, etc....
The only reason why I'm looking at this car is it was my fathers car 20 + years ago, he left me his 60 T-Bird which I still have and thought it would be nice to have his other bird but don't want to get stuck with something that's going to be nothing but issues.

Thanks for any opinion, suggestions, etc.... !!!
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